Roman Catholic Jacuzzi

Written by Michael Bullock

Published by Karma 2012

Groundbreaking. The first honest look at sexuality in the Catholic Church.
Bruce Benderson

Hair-raising, funny and disturbing. It took me back to my Jesuit high school retreats, the football locker room, how you made first string and my fear of the Passionist Order. A must read for Catholics and those who love one.
Glenn O’Brien

Both hilarious and highly discomforting! It reminded me why to this day I still don’t regret having refused Holy Communion when I was six years old.
Francesco Vezzoli

Roman Catholic Jacuzzi is an autobiographical novella recounting the gay, former catholic altar boy’s accidental discovery of the annual secret retreat of closeted homosexual priests. The story depicts the closing evening of the retreat, when celebrations culminate in a drag-disco dance party, and how the author comes to terms with his discovery. Angry at the priests for furthering the Church’s anti-gay teachings that oppressed him as a teenager, the author confronts their hypocrisy. After an intense 24 hours, he experiences firsthand that the priest themselves are among the most harmed by the Church’s extreme homophobia. The author leaves the retreat surprised by his unlikely compassion.

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